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do something different in your life

Doing something different in your life is so important to prevent you from being bored with life. Be adventurous, be open minded and lose your inhibitions. Travel is a great way of achieving this because everything is different, your environment, the people and the culture. Furthermore, using meetup is such a great tool to meet people and do new activities. I’m learning this lesson and it’s my mission to keep breaking down one wall at a time.


A walk to a Cullera castle

I arrived at the meeting point, quite late but was relieved that the meetup group was still at the station. The organiser got the train times wrong, so that was lucky for me. We jumped on the train and I got chatting to a woman from North Africa. It was great to speak to someone with an African background. The woman told me that the walk was in fact a hike then to the beach. In my head, I’m thinking, ‘what? I don’t hike’ but I was there so might as well give it a go and push the boat out a bit.


The hike

hike in culleraWe arrived in Cullera and started the climb via a very small path on the mountains behind warehouses of supermarkets. The higher we got the more my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. The path with narrow and steep, thus I didn’t look over the edge instead focused on the path. While walking, I listened to bits of other people’s conversations, the wrong part, as it sounded strange but funny. For example, someone with talking about if they were to adopt a kid after 2 years they would give them back. Haha, it was a joke, but a strange thing to talk about. As we continued our walk I heard two Latinos, walking behind me, talking about their family. The people in front were talking about ex-partners and being happy alone. I sometimes feel it’s better to listen than to talk as you learn a lot about people.


do something different in your life
Meetup hiking group


The castle

It was a short walk to the castle and I celebrated as if I had concurred the mountain.Cullera castle I was feeling very good and proud of myself. The leader said that we’ll have an hour here and then hike another hour to the beach. It was only then I thought, ‘oh crap that was only the beginning? There’s more?’ So that celebration was short lived. A few of us went into the castle; well what we thought was the entrance to the castle, which was, in fact, a church. Thereafter we walked into the castle, unfortunately, it was a very small castle and had been renovated so some of the old features had been lost. So slightly disappointed.


Part 2 of the hike

Cullera mountainsWe continued on the hike and it got steeper and I got hotter in the Spanish heat. In the distance, I could see the sea and I couldn’t wait to get there. Before that, it was time for lunch on a mountain and what a view we had. After lunch, it was time for hiking and peering over more steep and high mountains. During lunch, I asked the direction we were headed and was told straight ahead. I was in disbelief, as I can’t see a path plus I thought it was too steep to go straight down the mountain. Oh how wrong I was, because that’s exactly was I did. At this point my heart was about to come out of chest it was pounding with such intensity.


To the beach

We finally made it to the beach and I was so grateful. We found a bar, but of all the bars to pick, they picked an expensive one. I refused to buy anything from there but the group had a drink even though they weren’t happy with the price. Next stop, the sea. Some of the group went into the sea, while the rest of us chilled on the beach.


Time to go home

Half of the group said their goodbyes and caught the train back to Valencia. While myself and the others were deciding whether to go or have dinner. Well, the dinner didn’t happen so we got the later train. Not before a 40 minute walk to the station. After all that, there was more walking, at this point I wanted to be flown home. Since the station was so far we knew that we wouldn’t catch the same train the others were getting, so we stopped at a cafe. After that we headed to the train, only to have missed the train we planned to get but 2 minutes, so it was an hour wait for the next one and it had started to get cold. All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful experience to hike with friendly people. I will be hiking in the future, but the next time I will be better prepared for it and know what’s in store.

How to do something different in your life

  1. Start by doing something small, walk before you run. Depending on your current activities will depend on where you start from. For example, it could be going out with your friend to that place or activity that they keep asking you about but you’ve always said no.
  2. Focus on one new thing that you want to do different in you life. If you try to change too many things then it can be overwhelming and cause you to fear change.
  3. Once you’ve found the thing you want to change or do find out more about it and meet people that have done the something. It’s always best to find like minded people that can help you in your new journey.
  4. Speak with the friends and family that will encourage you in your new path. You need support from the people that love you when do something different in your life, meanwhile negative people will not. Furthermore, they will be able to learn prospective and make sure you don’t go too far too quickly. Consequently, getting burn out and reverting back to your old state.
  5. Once you’ve been successful in doing something different in your life, there’s no reason that you can’t keep going.
  6. Learn to enjoy the experience and don’t focus on ticking boxes i.e. trying to achieve everything on a bucket list.

Cullera mountains

What things have you changed in your life?

What have you done for the first time?


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